26 October 2007

Private Practice S1 E5: In Which Addison Finds A Showerhead

This week on Private Practice, I learned that:

1) Addison does not masturbate. And I'm guessing if you had a McDreamy and a McSteamy, you wouldn't need to.

2) She constantly dreams of Pete passionately kissing her.....the effects of a McDiet!

3) The girls, Violet and Naomi, encourage self-gratification....and Naomi needs to get some real soon. The other week it was cakes and now this?

4) Naomi and Sam handle their daughter like grown-ups this time around.

5) Violet handles work as a therapist as efficient and professional as possible, despite going through some emotional issues with her Ex-husband. Allen, shooo!

6) Cooper is a sweetie. I learned that before, so I'm just stressing the fact.

7) Addison shows why she's a board-certified neo....something. When advising boy nurse Dell on what to do before going down on Lady Town (i.e. papsmear), Addison exuded credibility. There's that the doctor I learned to love on Grey's Anatomy!

8) This I learned not from the show, but from googling --- Pete, or the actor who plays him, Tim Daly, is 51 years old!!!