16 October 2007

Brothers & Sisters S2 E3 - History Repeating

What I learned from Nora Walker last night: "...when life does something horrible to you, there are no rules as to how to get over it, you just have to do whatever you can, anything you can, to make it better."

That summed it all up in last night's episode of Brothers & Sisters.

Justin refuses to take pain medication for his injured knee, fearing he might be pushed to addiction again. But every doctor Nora has spoken with advised taking pain meds, to help Justin recover better. Convincing a former drug addict to take drugs (which can be highly addictive, it's not just plain Ibuprofen), is too much for a mother to handle. But it has to be done.

Kevin's old boyfriend is back in his life. He takes Scott's DUI case and helps hims dismiss the case against him. Scott returns the favor by cooking a five-star hotel meal for Kevin, and eventually tries to make a pass at him. Kevin rejects the kiss, saying he is in a long-distance relationship with someone else and instead offers friendship. Sometimes, it is hard for former lovers to remain friends. But it has to be done.

Tommy is devastated. It seems his family is falling apart. Julia decides to go back to her parents in Arizona, bringing baby Lizzie with her. Julia says she needs time away from Tommy to get perspective. The more she stays with Tommy, the more she will resent him for the death of their other baby. It isn't always a good solution for couples to stay together in times of trials. Sometimes, one has to get away from it all. It's hard, but it has to be done.

But of course, each of the choices these people make will have consequences...
- Will Justin go back to being an addict?
- Will Kevin break his promise to a boyfriend far away?
- Will the marriage of Tommy and Julia survive the temporary separation?

Things just got a lot more complicated in the Walker household.