01 October 2007

Moonlight & Big Shots

I spent a chunk of time catching up on TV premieres the last couple of days and have come to a realization that television does make you dull. Ha-ha. I was drained out of my system and wits and there isn't much to drain to begin with. The following day, I gave TV watching a rest. I also took a break from writing about it and recharged. Going without television for nearly 24 hours is bliss. But I'm not saying I've given up on it.

Anyway, two new shows I haven't written about yet were Moonlight & Big Shots. And delaying it was with purpose, too --- there wasn't much to write about....

Moonlight is a story of a detective moonlighting as a vampire (or the other way around). Those familiar with the TV series Angel, the good vampire, will notice the similarities of these shows. Also, the opening scene, with a journalist (Big Brother's Julie Chen no less) interviewing Mick St. John kind of reminded me of a Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise vampire movie. Suffice to say, Moonlight scores zero with originality. But then, what's original on TV nowadays? So, alright... on that note, you can at least brush aside originality.

The lead actor, Alex O' Loughlin, (not an American actor portraying an American, he's actually Aussie), appears to be giving his very best, looks good, delivers an above average acting. Yet lacks the command and presence on the small screen. Moonlight as a story has a good premise, I've been saying that since summer. But when it was finally time to deliver, it wasn't great enough to make me say it's an amazing series. It felt really, really felt flat.

I had a more enjoyable time watching Big Shots than Moonlight. It did help that I am familiar with some of the TV work these four male lead actors have done, so that added to the excitement a bit.

Big Shots is about four powerful corporate leaders. Men with prestigious positions in the company, but with not so ideal personal lives:
  • Duncan (Dylan McDermott, The Practice) is a cosmetics company CEO who has been married many times and has to repair his relationship with his 19year old daughter. He is the master of his game, both in and out of the board room. Of all the four characters, it was clear to me why he is a big shot.
  • Karl (Joshua Malina, Sports Night) is a Pharmaceutical company CEO who keeps a mistress who wants to be BFF with his own boring wife. It is difficult for me to associate Joshua Malina to Karl, the cheating husband and like the other character, Brody, who supposedly deliver the funnies --- both were trying hard at it.
  • Brody (Christopher Titus, Titus) is a a crisis-management lawyer who only longs for the love of the wife that has him wrapped around her finger.
  • James (Michael Vartan, Alias) is recently named the head of his company, after learning his wife was cheating on him with his former boss. James is the sensitive and principled one, the heart of this show.
Big Shots is Desperate Housewives ...with penis. Desperate Housebands? The backround music even sounded very DHwives.

And while I am not a fan of Desperate Housewives, I'll stick around for a few more episodes . I want so badly to root for these four familiar actors, I'm willing to give it one more shot.