28 October 2007

Ugly Betty S2 E5: Hot Dates

  • Betty goes out on a real date with a guy she meets online. She wasn't what he expected. And Betty thought they were having a good time. She ends up kissing Henry, though.
  • Mode is in big trouble. Advertisers started pulling out. They need money to run the magazine, so siblings Daniel and Alex meet with their dad to ask for a loan. But Alex suddenly remembers the real stand of her relationship with Bradford Mead. And how she actually planned to kill her father.
  • Justin has skipped school, has driven his mother's car towards a tree, has gotten arrested by the police. Hilda talks to Justin. They both miss Santos very badly.
  • And the cliffhanger of this episode: Christina, who is also looking to date somebody online, does meet someone in the chatroom. But, it turns out --- he's her husband.