12 October 2007

October 10 - Wednesday's Ratings

In color = shows that I actually tune to weekly

1. “Criminal Minds” (CBS) 14.47m
2. “CSI: NY” (CBS) 13.31m
3. “Deal or No Deal” (NBC) 12.49m
4. “Private Practice” (ABC) 12.21m
5. “Bionic Woman” (NBC) 10.10m
6. “Pushing Daisies” (ABC) 10.07m
7. “Dirty Sexy Money” (ABC) 8.86m
8. “Life” (NBC) 8.14m

9. “Kid Nation” (CBS) 7.01m
10. “Back to You” (FOX) 6.55m
11. “Til Death” (FOX) 6.48m
12. “Kitchen Nightmares” (FOX) 6.45m
13. “America’s Next Top Model” (CW) 5.29m
14. “Gossip Girl” (CW) 2.87m

Whoowee....The shows I tune to follow each other in the ratings. But I'm really more concerned for Pushing Daisies, which lost 2 Million viewers this week. :( They had a fantastic episode! It's still winning with its key demographics (viewers 18-49 years old) though, so it's not bad. Recaps here.

Private Practice and Back To You had decent episodes, which is a great thing. I'm still on the ship. Private Practice, in particular, toned down on the cheesy-ness. It's hopefully finding its heart. It remains the new show to beat on Wednesdays. Yay for Addison!

Dirty Sexy Money's episode this week was so far the best (out of 3 already shown). This show is picking up steam.

I've yet to watch Life and Bionic Woman but now I'm curious as to why BW's rating has picked up.

Busy long weekend ahead. I'd be lost in a flurry of activities. It's a good thing I'm superwoman. Haha!

- Today's a holiday which means anyone from my family is going to drop by anytime.
- My baby niece is here for a visit and I can't get enough of her.
- And my son is turning ten years old on Monday, so this week's gonna be all for him.


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