08 October 2007

My Name Is Earl S3 E3 - The Gangs of Camden County

Over the weekend, I made the mistake of watching My Name is Earl with my 9 year old (10 year old in a week's time! My baby is getting older!). The story had two prisoners smooching...

Yeah. Earl's reaction was how I reacted, as well. And it wasn't because of what they did. It's because I was watching with my 9 year old! So, I didn't know what to do.

Do I press the stop button? Or continue watching? If I did stop it, then that would have made my son all the more curious, the way I was freaking out. I decided to just get on with it. When the show ended, I asked my son what he thought and if he did not find the episode unsettling....was he shocked? They kissed more than once.

My son: Mom, I was more shocked at the way you reacted! You kept fidgetting!

Oh, okay. Now, that was embarrassing. Just to appease myself though, I prodded him for more...wanting to see what was in that head of his and in the end, I think it was enough for me that he said:

My son: Yeah, well...if they love each other....

And then he turns away and watches something on TV to make himself fall asleep.

That teaches me to read the episode synopsis before I even watch another comedy with my son again. At least if I'd done that, then I would know what to expect when we're watching it together.

Anyway, aside from the gay story, the episode from last week also sorta reminded me of Prison Break once again. Except of course, this was a comedy.

Remember that on the very first episode of PB, Scofield robbed a bank so he could get inside the prison that housed his brother. On Earl --- Earl's brother, Randy, was missing him so much in the outside world, so he kept finding ways to get inside the prison. He tried to steal a car...

[Loud enough for all to hear]
Oh my god, I'm stealing a car!

He also walked up to a police officer and claimed he was the Truck Stop killer they were looking for. When all that didn't work, Randy slapped a police officer. In the end though, Randy got himself a job as a prison guard, so his plan worked.

The prison warden also asked favor from Earl, which was almost the same for the prison warden at PB. But in Earl's case, the warden asked him to mediate two cliques at war....which is what that darn smooching was about.

Episode Guide from TV.Com
Earl is offered a deal to receive a lesser sentence if he can resolve problems between rival gangs. But, he finds the task harder than he expected. Meanwhile, Randy looks for ways to join Earl in prison.