25 October 2007

October 23 -Tuesday's Ratings

1. “House” (FOX) 17.87m
2. “Dancing with the Stars” (ABC) 17.82m
3. “NCIS” (CBS) 17.09m
4. “Law & Order: SVU” (NBC) 12.17m
5. “20/20 Special” (ABC) 10.92m
6. “The Unit” (CBS) 10.86m
7. “Bones” (FOX) 8.82m
8. “Cane” (CBS) 7.98m
9. “The Biggest Loser” (8:30-10) (NBC) 7.17m
10. “Carpoolers” (ABC) 7.13m
11. “The Singing Bee” (NBC) 6.82m
12. “Cavemen” (ABC) 6.55m
13. “Beauty and the Geek” (CW) 3.20m
14. “Reaper” (CW) 2.57m

Wonderful episode from House this week. He sent one more fellow packing, mimicking The Bachelor's way of booting a contestant. And now they are down to six aspirants. Next week, Foreman is back at the hospital, working as...House's boss it seems.