16 October 2007

Comedy Trio

How I Met Your Mother 3.4 - Little Boys - Robin dates a guy with a six year old boy. Little boy and Robin hit it off but the chemistry between Robin and the dad isn't working. So she has to break up with daddy. When she learns from Lily that the boy has grown quite attached to his "new mother", Robin feels bad about it. So, she to has to break-up with the boy, too. But then she receives a different response from the six year old.

Meanwhile Ted and Barney competes for the affection/attention of a girl, claiming one has better style for wooing women than the other. I won't say who wins between them, but his style is definitely far more superior.

The whole episode was okay, average. The opening scene, though, was cute and funny....

Robin: Hey, what's my "but"? You know, I'm really nice...but????
Ted: [thinking...] But she's afraid of commitment
Lily: [thinking...] But she's a gun nut.
Barney: [thinking...] But she's Canadian!
Marshall: [thinking...] But she didn't like "Field of Dreams"...
And they all tell Robin, they can't think of any.

Oh, yes...as of today, there are 35 days left till the slap counter rounds up to 00:00:00!

Aliens in America 1.3 - Rocket Club - Perhaps Raja hasn't heard of House when he said, "Everybody lies".... The boy is one perfect kid. He does his school work diligently, behaves like the perfect son/model citizen and tries to make friends with every one else. There's really nothing vile about him. Except for one thing: his ethnicity. When Raja tries to cover up for his best friend Justin and blabbers on about this fake Rocket Club (they supposedly are members of) to Justin's parents, it eventually leads to the police inspecting their home computers for fear that Raja might be planning a terrorist attack.

This episode was so far the funniest, I made the right choice of sticking with it. The Raha character is growing on me and the actor playing him (Adhir Kalyan) is such natural.

"And I just kept going hoping I would find the one lie that made sense of all the others!"

Samantha Who 1.1 - Pilot - I have one other reason to look forward to Mondays (Tuesdays here) and it's this show starring Christina Applegate (who you might recognize as Rachel Green's sister). She plays Sam, who is suffering from amnesia, after being in a coma for 8 days.

Sam wakes up to discover that:
- she and her parents are actually estranged
- she is cheating on her boyfriend (played by Barry Watson, 7th Heaven) with a married man who seems full of himself
- she is in AA
- she has no other friends except bar-hopping party girl Andrea (played by Jennifer Esposito).

In other words, Sam used to be a horrible person. But the coma/amnesia doesn't change her overnight, although she nows sees her life from a different perspective.

I rather liked the pilot episode, it's worth checking. Plus points for having a cast I love seeing on TV --- Jean Smarts (her mom), Barry, Jennifer and of course, Christina.

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