05 October 2007

House, Private Practice, Back To You

Last night I saw three shows that presented average episodes and one show I decided to completely drop out of my list (Reaper).

Things are beginning to calm and slow down now....no more hypes, no more hooplas.

House S4 E2 - The Right Stuff

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House is secretly trying to treat a fighter pilot who is a candidate for NASA's astronaut training program. Her diagnosis will be the test to choose which ones of the 40 applicants are going to take the empty spots in his team.

House: Did you just see a blonde guy with a pretentious accent?
You can’t see an accent.
Good point.

Cameron: Three weeks. Wow - for someone that doesn’t miss anything, you missed something really big.
House: What are you doing?
Cameron: My hair, the ER, or both?
House: Your hair makes you look like a hooker…I like it.

Chase is working surgery. Cam is heading ER. Foreman....is in New York, but House also saw him pass by the halls.

As for the new students, #13 is already a favorite.

Private Practice S1 E2 - In Which Sam Receives An Unexpected Visitor

Episode Guide from TV.Com

Two couple are involved in an unfortunate baby switch, and the doctors must handle and solve it. Sam treats a client that may upset Naomi. A grandmother goes to extreme lengths to stop her son killing himself with alcohol, but her plan backfires.

The second episode was a notch better than last week. But I still don't like how the lines are written. And going with the baby switching angle was a ploy, I think --- using a very emotional story to appeal to the viewers. Anyone with a mother (and that's like every person born in this world!) will feel for this episode, regardless if you hate your mom or not. But that was the only thing worth caring about in this episode. The rest of it? ZZzzzzz...

This was supposed to be Episode 3 but they switched the orders. Episode 2 is next week's story.

I'm still sticking by this show though, the same way I'm sticking by this next one below. Below I love their central characters.

Back To You S1 E3 - The First Supper

Third episode down and Kelly (Patty Heaton) is still as uptight as someone who has had too much botox treatment. She's always mad or annoyed at Chuck (Kelsey Grammer). I think that would have to be getting old by now. When is she ever going to be fun to watch?

The whole episode was a disappointment, since the plots felt "recycled" from an 80's sitcom.

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