27 October 2007

Scrubs S7 E1: My Own Worst Enemy

Hey, sports fans...I smell something awful. And it isn't Turk (who embarrassingly admitted he smelled like eggs when he sweats!)

In last night's episode...JD realizes he doesn't love the woman who is pregnant with his baby; Elliot realizes she doesn't love Keith enough to want to marry him. So, are the writers setting up how this show finally ends? With JD and Elliot actually getting together? Are we going back there again? And why am I getting a Garden State-ish feeling about JD in this episode?

I still have lots to love about the premiere though:
  • Dame Judy Dorian tells Tony Shalhoub to suck on it. (Zach Braff was nominated and lost to Tony Shalhoub for Best Actor in a Comedy at the Emmys in 2005. Putting that in as a joke was clever.)
  • The short squeaky intern
  • Janitor's lady friend named Lady
JD: "Who's named Lady?"
Janitor: "She is! She has a brother named Him. So what?"

This would be Scrub's final year. Will you be missing it or do you think it's finally the right time to bow out?