21 October 2007

Friday Night Lights S2 E3: Are You Ready For Friday Night?

This episode of Friday Night Lights deserved a standing ovation...from me at least (and I did give it one!). The writers and producers got it right this time. It's gone back to its first season quality --- raw, gripping, sympathetic and real.
  • The Dillon Panther and its new coach are not getting along.
  • Jason, the former player and now the assistant coach, isn't being given the chance by the new coach to do what he can.
  • Riggins is back on an alcoholic binge.
  • Saracen (former captain) and Mash (new captain) are at odds.
  • Julie has broken up with Saracen and she is now with someone else, someone who's bad news.
Plus this:

With Coach Taylor working far away and is only home every weekend or so, Tami, who has just given birth, is left to hold the family together. It's tough taking care of the baby, much less taking care of it all by yourself. And it's tougher if you also have a teenage daughter to watch over, especially if she is in this rebellious phase.

In this scene, Tami confronts her 15-year old daughter because she hasn't been behaving herself...watch:

Julie so deserved that slap. I cheered for that. Yeah, Mrs. Taylor!

I feel for Tami. :(