25 October 2007


This is one of those days when I sometimes wish I had another body to do all that I want to do. I took a break from TV yesterday and saw a couple of movies and caught up with reading (a book, yes! NKKBSPA-ko! LOL!).

A friend of mine lent us the Dark Materials series to read before we go and watch The Golden Compass (showing in December). Incidentally, if you visit their official website, there's a quiz there that tells you what your Daemon is. A Daemon in The Golden Compass is like a pet you have with you all the time. Except that, that pet is your "soul". If it dies, you also die.

Daemons are supposedly a reflection of your personality traits. So, the hubby, my son and I took the quiz to find out what creature best represents who we are.

Hubby had a really interesting result, his Daemon was like this magnificent bird or whats-it-called, I forgot. My son's Daemon was a Jaguar or Panther, I forgot too but it was something beastly.

And guess what mine was? A little lady bug (ladybird in the UK)!!!! It's the tamest, safest Daemon you can get. And that could only mean one thing --- I was boring.

Hubby: Kapamilya ng ipis yan, eh! Ipis! Ipis!
Me: Aahhhh! Ang corny ko talaga! Hindi ako ipis! Ang baduy ko! Bakit kayo ang gaganda ng creatures niyo?

My son was laughing at my results and got teased endlessly. :P

Anyway, so.... my TV viewing list is piling up. I'll better hurry up and catch some of it later today. But not without leaving these news first, check it!
  • Tomorrow, the trailer for 24 Season 7 will be up at 24Trailer. The show will begin in January 2008.
  • Prison Break spin-off, Cherry Hill, in the works!
  • Amazing Race Season 12 premieres on Nov. 4! This was originally planned for airing in February 2008 but Viva Laughlin has been canceled and that time slot is now ready for another show to occupy.
  • CSI and Without A Trace is doing a cross-over. Mother of All Crime Dramas, that's just WOW! The episode will air on November 8. I plan to watch that as soon as it airs.
Be back later. I remember, I've got to work on the Pushing Daisies recaps! That takes me three hours or so...man, the things I do for the love of TV. Haaaackkk!