05 October 2007

Will I go Bye-ionic?

Let me first say ----- Whooohoo, peace and quiet! :)

Bionic Woman S1 E2 - Paradise Lost
(or In Which We See Isaiah Washington's TV Comeback After Being Fired From Grey's Anatomy)

Episode Guide from TV.Com

Jaime continues to gradually adjust to her new bionic life - all while trying to maintain the normal aspects of her human life. She also befriends a stranger who appears to be very friendly and goes on her first mission.

The stranger would have to be Isaiah's character. He is Bionic Woman's trainer and supervisor. Whether Isaiah delivers or not, it's hard to tell with just this episode alone (he appears in four more, to date). Although, I've always thought Isaiah's a good actor and so far, he's proving it.

This week's episode does nothing to convince me it's getting better:

1. The show attempts to bring back the persona Jennifer Garner brought to Alias. It fails.

2. There isn't enough of Sarah Corvus, the first Bionic Woman (...ta-dah!), when she appears more charismatic to the viewer than the current Bionic Woman. More Katee Sackhoff!

3. Bionic Woman can only save the world until 7 PM and none on weekends. They made her job an office 9-5 job with medical benefits. Whaa??!

4. Her first mission? Babysit a teenager. Well, alright, she butted heads with someone but......ehh.

5. When finding the only survivor in this little town which had all residents dead in 12 hours, the only answer they can come up with was, "Maybe she's immune to the gas?" and that was it? Survivor girl didn't even freak out.

Now, when are the producers from Friday Night Lights getting on board again? I need to see the magic they can do, because so far.... it has been two weeks of disappointment.