23 October 2007

Nothing Compares To Your Umbrella...ella...ella....

Caught up with talent shows last night, and heard two songs sang in two different contests. Which one do you think did the cover better?

NOTHING COMPARES 2U (Prince/Sinead O'Connor)

Natalie's done the Prince version and she did a nice job, vocally. She was supposedly experiencing something like it, having broken up with her boyfriend 7 hours and 13 days ago (as the song goes), but it didn't connect with me.

Niki did the Sinead version and she showed vulnerability and emotion. It's the exact copy of the original but her delivery was flawless. I like hers better.

Natalie Gauci
Australian Idol Top 6 Part 1
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Mentor: Louie Walsh

UMBRELLA (Rihanna)

I'm so tired of hearing Umbrella, so I've got no favorite.

Natalie did her own version sans the "Ella...Ella..." and it didn't feel right to me.

The group, Hope, turned theirs into a Pussycat Doll performance. Guys probably went, "Wow!" but I got bored.

Other people have done better with this song, if you search YouTube for "Umbrella cover version".

Natalie Gauci
Australian Idol Top 6 Part 2
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