14 October 2007

TV Score Card

So, two-three episodes down the line...I'm finally getting my schedule in order. That is, I now more or less know what TV shows I should be watching or watching as soon as possible and what time I'm supposed to work my work schedule around it.

Two-three episodes down the line and here's the scorecard:


Aliens In America - A better show than the rest, keeping on list.
Back To you - Not great but keeping on list.
Big Shots - Anticipating I'll tire of it, but it is surprisingly hooking me in.
Bionic Woman - Am on the fence.
Carpoolers - My current guilty pleasure and I'm not recommending this unless you're really easy to please.
Chuck - Hopes it does better, keeping on the list.
Dirty Sexy Money - Liking it much.
Journeyman - So liking it much.
Life - So liking it much, too.
Pushing Daisies - A big, big fave!
Private Practice - Not great but keeping on list.
Women's Murder Club - New show I checked out merely a few hours ago. So far, yes, liking it.
Samantha Who - to premiere this week, checking it out.
Viva Laughlin - to premiere this week, checking it out.
Big Bang Theory - Never bothered with it.
Cane - Never bothered with it.
Cavemen - Never bothered with it.
Gossip Girl - Am not its audience.
K-Ville - Never bothered with it.
Life Is Wild - Haven't even heard of this.
Reaper - Did not get the appeal.

21 shows in all.
12 on my list.
2 for checking later.
7 dropped.

These returning shows are keeping me dull but very busy. How have they been so far?

Brothers and Sisters - I've been crying less, but I'm not saying the show is losing its heart. I am just now able to control my emotions better.
Heroes - Slumping. Hoooboy, slumping really hard.
How I Met Your Mother - Still enjoying it like the first time I saw it.
House - Weak season opening, but has managed to get back on track immediately. Which means its still a genius of a show.
The Office - I love this one but please get back to the 30 minutes show.
30 Rock - Much improved. Ratings though, hasn't.
My Name is Earl - My filler show, when I need something to keep me happy.
Grey's Anatomy - Well, alright, the last episode was a notch better. Hope it keeps up.
Ugly Betty - Perhaps the most improved returning show of the season. It just delivers one great episode after another.
Friday Night Lights - Something has to be done fast, to keep its realism and quality.
Scrubs - to premiere in Oct 25
Prison Break - I've given it up.

12 shows in all
10 on my list.
1 waiting to premiere.
1 dropped.

If the above aren't enough, I still have my hands full with these shows whose new season has started or is about to start or is already half-way done:
Robin Hood 2
America's Next Top Model S8
Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2
Australian Idol 5
The XFactor UK 4

And apparently, anytime in the next two weeks, the hubby is going to start watching Supernatural. Which means, because I'd be in the same room with him... I've got to watch it with him, too. Not too big on shows with this premise. But I said the same thing for XFiles and I loved that. So, we'll see where that goes.

These are what will keep me cooped inside the four corners of my bedroom till December. Or until I find the need to know if people outside still wear shoes. :P