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08 October 2008

TV Ratings [10.06.08]

Well, look at that... Big Bang Theory's ratings are up! Wow! But Heroes' rating is really going downhill. It is so interesting what this critic has written about this week's episode: WHY CAN’T THEY FIGHT AN ENEMY IN THE PRESENT DAY? Good points.

8.00 Block
Dancing With The Stars ABC 17.92 M
The Big Bang Theory CBS 9.33 M
How I Met Your Mother CBS 8.96 M
Chuck NBC 5.89 M
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Fox 5.61 M
Gossip Girl (Repeat) The CW 1.84 M

9.00 Block
Dancing With The Stars ABC 19.70 M
Two And A Half Men CBS 13.94 M
Worst Week CBS 8.79 M
Heroes NBC 8.21 M
Prison Break Fox 5.43 M
Privileged (Repeat) The CW 1.54 M

10.00 Block
CSI: Miami CBS 13.63 M
Boston Legal ABC 9.40 M
Life NBC 5.78 M

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