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09 October 2008

TV Ratings [10.07.08]

It was another night of debates last Tuesday. Most channels were pre-empted. But it is a wonder, Privileged gained an audience in spite of the fact that millions are tuned to Obama/McCain. And mind you, it was Privileged's best episode so far!

8.00 Block
NCIS CBS 15.69 M
Dancing With The Stars ABC 13.45 M
Biggest Loser NBC 7.49 M
House (Repeat) Fox 6.33 M
90210 The CW 3.06 M

9.00 Block
Presidential Debate ABC 14.64 M
Presidential Debate NBC 9.94 M
Presidential Debate CBS 9.37 M
Presidential Debate Fox 5.17 M
Privileged The CW 2.33 M

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