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24 October 2008

TV Round Up --- HIMYM and other Casting News

Feeling a bit lazy today, so these are all I have...

First, next week is sweeps week!!! Just want you to know that.

Barney Stinson's Bro Code is really a book!

How I Met Your Mother's Lily is pregnant. In real life. I was wondering when that will happen. Both in real life and on the show.

Smash is gone? I have started watching Friday Nigh Light's 3rd season, but I still haven't gotten to this episode. Smash is gone?? :(

Uncle Saul, you've got taste. Lionel Luthor is a gruffy, hunky man for his age. Rawrr.

Private Practice gets a full season.

What has been going wrong with Heroes? EW finds the answers.

Veronica Mars' boyfriend and Meredith Grey's mom will be seen next in Washingtonienne, a comedy series for HBO.

Get to know the guy playing Ryan Lafferty-Walker in his first interview since being named a Walker.

I've posted the new Lost Promo Video for Season 5 in my Lost site yesterday. Here's an analysis from TV Squad.

30 Rock will premiere next Thursdays but online videos for the first episode is up. It's on the official site.

1 comment:

  1. Minds! I can't believe the Bro Code is an actual book!! Hahahaha!!

    Lily's preggers? Hmm.. how will that play into the series kaya?!

    Miss you Minds!! :)