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22 October 2008

Kevin McKidd Returns on Grey's Anatomy

Oh boy, Kevin McKidd. I don't know what's happening... but you being on Grey's Anatomy has suddenly made you hooot!

Look at these recent photos of Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh on the set of Grey's Anatomy. Yep, the military man is back...and I still don't know what his official "Mc" code is! People keep calling him differently.

I just realized they look so good together, don't they not?

Photos from SpoilerTV


  1. They usually refer to him as Major McHottie.:) But I agree, he definitely has charisma and his chemistry with Christina is just oozing. I can't wait for his return!

  2. Yea that is what i have been hearing it is Major McHotttie! I can't wait for his return!
    Love a man in uniform!!