05 November 2007

The Amazing Race S12 E1: Donkeys have souls, too!

It takes an ass to smell a real ass...

On the first episode of The Amazing Race (Studio 23 9 AM Mondays, with replays on Sunday evenings), two teams had a very difficult time dealing with Eeyore's relatives over here, when the donkeys refused to budge and walk to reach the end of their task; while those who treated their donkeys with finesse, breezed through the race.

As a result, one team made a donkey cry and the other one was eliminated. And I can't say I'm sorry to see them go (Best Friends Ari & Staella). They played rough rather too early.

Right away teams get lost on the way to the very first airport in LA. And upon reaching their first destination, Ireland, the racers take on several tough challenges. There was a lot of running...
  • Ireland has a beautiful country side but it was too rough for Grandpa Donald who slipped...then cussed. Hee! He's on this race with his Grandson Nicolas, who's appears too timid (so far, but we'll see).
  • Goth teammates Kynt & Vyxsin (and my spell check is all red!)...they're kinda odd. At first I couldn't tell who's the guy and who's the girl. They've got spirit though, so maybe I'm going on board their ship soon.
  • Team Who's Your Daddy (Ronald & Christina) seems to be vying for Daddy and Miss Congeniality. It's too early to say if the "niceness" and "politeness" is real, but I'm so far liking what I see.
  • Team Butch Ministers...hoookay. These old dykes seem likable enough.
  • We have the usual couples --- whiners, potential dysfunctional lovers, love-you-baby's and all. I'm still figuring out which is which.

Next week: Grandpa goes Tarzan. Yeah!