24 November 2007

Sarah Jessica Parker On Project Runway

It took four season for TV's fashion icon to finally appear on a reality series about fashion:

Sarah Jessica Parker was this week's guest on Project Runway (Season 4, Episode 2)...which of course made all the contestants very enthusiastic. One designer even cried, since he "came to New York (to become a fashion designer) because he was inspired by her".

Awwww....crap....cheeeese!. LOL.

Their challenge this week: to create a two-piece look for her clothing line, Bitten, a high-end American sportswear line, that should be affordable and sold for $40. With a $15 budget, the designers had one difficult task. "I think we're gonna be using toilet paper and scotch tape", says one.

The winning team came up with this, and it will be sold with some of Sarah's collection this Fall: