20 November 2007

Celebrity Apprentice, anyone?

Hoookey....Will I start rolling my eyes or will I get sucked into watching this?

The last time I watched The Apprentice was during the middle of its third season run. The novelty quickly wore off for me after that and also, it became apparent how much of a joke this type of show is (and yet I still watch Big Brother, ha!).

I didn't realize The Apprentice is still on air. I read about its cancellation several months back. And now, because of the strike, it's bringing its first ever Celebrity Edition. And not only that, Omarosa, who became famous for being this show's biggest antagonist, is coming back. Who else is joining her?
  • Vincent Pastore from The Sopranos (Big Pussy)
  • Stephen Baldwin, one of the Baldwin Brothers...of course.
  • Gene Simmons, who also has his own reality series.
  • Nely Galan, a TV executive
  • Marilu Henner, a former TV actor.
  • Trace Adkins, country music singer
  • Nadia Comaneci, Olympiad
  • Tiffany Fallon, Playboy Playmate
  • Jennie Finc, Olympiad
  • Lennox Lewis, boxer
  • Tito Ortiz, from the UFC
  • Piers Morgan, mean judge on America's Got Talent.
The winner will not secure a seat in the board of Trump's empire. Rather, this being the celebrity edition, the winnings will go to charity.

The show will air on NBC, January 3.

Eesssh...not sure if I would want to watch this or stick with the shows I need to catch up on.

Although, I would like to see how Nadia Comaneci will do. Who is Nadia? Well, some twenty years ago....I wanted to be like her, I guess plenty of little girls did. She was this graceful gymnast, perfect in every way. And off the floor, she was sweet, cute and endearing. Everyone loved her.

I'm curious to see how she is, now that she's a grown woman. Reality TV has this very manipulative way of luring viewers in. Aack, must resist!