09 November 2007

Production Shut Downs

Here's where your favorite TV shows stand amidst the strike. It's hair-raising...as a matter of fact, I'm getting goosebumps as I read through this list (Thanks to Televisionary).

  • 30 Rock: Shooting episode #210 through November 9th. No additional scripts have been written.
  • 24: Eight episodes completed. FOX has shelved Season Seven indefinitely.
  • Big Bang Theory: Production shut down.
  • The Captain: Shooting episode #102 November 8th - 14th. Scripts in for episodes #103 and #104 (production will conclude 11/30).
  • Carpoolers: Production shut down 11/16.
  • Cavemen: Shooting episode #113 between November 7th - 13th. No additional scripts had been ordered.
  • Cold Case: Production shut down 11/16
  • Desperate Housewives: Production shut down.
  • Dirt: Prepping episode #206 for a November 20th - 30th shoot. Script written for episode #207.
  • Dirty Sexy Money: Shooting episode #111 between November 8th - 19th. Prepping episode #112 next week. Shoots 11/21. There are other scripts written but it's unclear if production will continue.
  • Eli Stone: Prepping #111 now which shoots between November 15-26th. Not clear if there are additional scripts.
  • Ghost Whisperer: Shooting episode #312 between November 12th - 21st. No additional scripts written.
  • Greek: Shooting episode #1018 starting November 15th. No additional scripts out of the 20 episode order written.
  • Heroes: Production shut down 11/9.
  • K-Ville: Shot #110 October 28th - November 8th.
  • Journeyman: Status of production unclear. 13 scripts written.
  • Medium: Prepping episode 069-09 for a shoot between November 15th - 28th. No additional scripts have been written.
  • Numb3rs: Prepping episode #412 for a shoot between November 19th - 30th. No additional scripts have been written.
  • October Road: Shooting episode #210 between November 9th - 21st. Scripts through #213 completed.
  • The Office: Production shut down. One additional script written.
  • Old Christine: Production shut down.
  • Rules of Engagement: Canceled production on episode #210 (meant to shoot 11/7-11/13). No additional scripts written. Production shut down.
  • Samantha Who: Production shut down 11/12
  • Swingtown: Shooting episode #103 11/9-11/21. No additional scripts written.
  • 'Til Death: Episode #212 completes production on November 9th.
  • Two and a Half Men: Production shut down.
  • Ugly Betty: Shooting "Odor in the Court" between November 9th and 20th. Prepping "A Thousand Words Before Friday" next week. No additional scripts available after that.
  • Without A Trace: Production shut down 11/22.

I've read somewhere the strike could extend to summer, or worse, 2009. It could be baseless, but not at all impossible. Directors contracts and actors contracts are up for renewal by next year. They could also demand the same thing as the writers are demanding.

And the studios aren't budging still. They hold the money, they might win this.