10 November 2007

Ugly Betty S2 E7: A Nice Day for A Posh Wedding

I don't follow Posh in the magazines and since her guest stint has been hyped about, I had the impression this episode was gonna be full of her. But it wasn't the case...there wasn't enough of Posh. Watching her on this episode felt something like --- me being in the same party as her, but she's always mingling with someone else 12ft away from where I stand. And there's a glass separating us.

So, it begs the question --- was that it?

They've finally given Christina something to work with. Ashley Jensen is a fine, fine actress and in this episode, we see just how versatile she can be. Christina's husband comes to visit her after she left him five years ago. From the context of what she told Betty, it was a marriage she wasn't happy with.

Upon their reunion, Christina's husband tells her he is dying.

But who's really possibly dead?

Daniel discovers Willie is sleeping with her bodyguard. He discovers Betty knew about it four months ago. Daniel fires Betty for keeping this. Daniel tells his dad who doesn't believe him, and that's what happened.

On to other stories...
  • Marc realizes he is in love with his ordinary boyfriend.
  • Amanda tells everyone at the party she is Faye's daughter. She also gets to sing in the Church.
  • Ignacio gets his citizenship.