07 November 2007

Why they fight...

As of late Sunday, the writers have withdrew demands for DVD residuals. They are not after that anymore.

They, however, insist to be properly compensated for revenues earned through webcasting. Most studios and networks broadcast their episodes online these days and they air this with the benefits of advertising and sponsors. Network executives, however claim, the legally downloaded or streamed content are just "promotional" in nature.

I don't understand what they mean by that...doesn't promotional and advertising mean the same? And anybody knows that when a there is product advertised on any medium, money has been paid for it. And a percentage of that money doesn't reach the writers, who have provided the content for whatever it is you're getting from iTunes or Amazon Downloads.

As of last night, these shows have effectively shut down production since there are no scripts to tape or film:

Back To You
Desperate Housewives
Rules of Engagement
The New Adventures of Christine
The Big Bang Theory
Two and A Half Men
Til' Death

Other shows are wrapping up production with their remaining finished scripts and right before everyone goes on hiatus for Christmas.