02 November 2007

Scare Pranks

Remember those crazy emails where someone would ask you to look at a game, or video or photo and see what's so amazing about it....only to be jolted by an image of something scary? I've been a victim of it many times.

When my son was about 3 or 4 years old, his father asked the both of us to sit in front of the computer and watch this silly Christmas video on screen. Naturally, our boy was all giddy, seeing Santa dance and everything. Until the face of an ugly witch flashed on screen, with a screaming audio to boot, causing my son to jump up his seat, cry hysterically and beat up his father with his tiny fist.

I think that scarred him for life. His reaction was very much like what happened to this boy.

And guess what, I found a bunch of these scare prank videos on Youtube.

Like this one, with an adult who literally fell off her chair while watching it at work:

And what about this one, with Grandma:

Did anyone every really die of a heart attack from all this?

Belated Halloween, everyone!