25 November 2007

Jay Leno Slides Back One Decade

Talk shows, like The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, has gone dark since the first day of the Writers Strike. With no new materials to work on, look what they have come up to encourage viewers to still watch the nightly shows:

Monday 11/26:
Tom Hanks (originally aired 6/29/92) - This was when Tom Hanks, who wasn't an Oscar winner at that time yet, promoted the movie A League of Their Own.

Tuesday 11/27:
Julia Roberts and Pierce Brosnan (originally aired 12/16/93) - This was three years after Roberts' Pretty Woman and Brosnan wasn't even a Bond.

Wed 11/28:
Matt Damon (originally aired 1/26/00) - He came to the show to promote The Talented Mr. Ripley

Thursday 11/29:
Jennifer Aniston (originally aired 6/7/95) - This was after Friends Season 1.

Friday 11/30:
Johnny Depp (originally aired 4/13/95) - He was promoting Don Juan DeMarco.

Big star line-up from back when they weren't such big stars yet. Interesting! And this was the decade when Leno was actually funny! I'm gonna mark these on my calendar.

In the Philippines, The Tonight Show airs on ETC, around 11 PM from Tuesdays to Saturdays.