20 November 2007

How I Met Your Mother S3 E9: Slapsgiving

I checked the clock at SlapCountdown.com early this morning, and saw 00:00:00. On the other side of the world, in the fictional setting of Marshall and Lilly's apartment, Barney has just gotten slapped.


Don't wanna give it all away. But it involved an original song, only it's no Smelly Cat (Phoebe Buffay).

You Just Got Slapped
What is this feeling
To put you in your place
Hot red burning on the side..of your face
You feel the blood rush to your cheek
Tears start to fill your eyes
Your lips, they're trembling but they can't speak
You're trying...oh, you're trying not to cry
You just got slapped
Across the face my friend
You just got slapped
Yes that really just happened
Well everybody saw it, hah!
Everybody laughed and clapped
Coz it was awesome
The way that you just got slapped....