12 November 2007

The Joy of Cooking

Back when my family was still growing, I used to watch a lot of the Lifestyle Network, specifically, their cooking shows. I was a young mother and wife, who pretty much wanted a picture-perfect-Martha-Stewart family life. But as the reality of keeping a household settled in, I realized that kind of lifestyle isn't easy to manage. At all. I don't tune to the cable channel as much as I can today, and the meals I prepare are as simple as they can be, so I have the faintest ideas which cooking shows are the right ones to watch now.

But lately, my dishes have been ordinary and boring. And as I had been on Youtube yesterday, I thought that if the hubby and I can find immense resources for entertainment in that video-sharing site, could there also be someone sharing recipes, like in the cooking shows I used to watch?

The search tool was the answer and true enough, Youtube has everything.

The first thing I thought to look for was a recipe for Baked Ziti. I had prepared my own recipe for lunch the previous day and it turned out to be more of a Carbonara and I wasn't too happy about it. Finding this guy's video will now be a great help to me, the next time I plan to cook this meal.

Next, the hubby wanted to know the secrets of a Pomodoro sauce...so with him, we searched for it on Youtube and stumbled upon this video (below). And then we realized that we have found another goldmine for entertainment. We were looking for recipes, we found comedy.

Other than the cooking instructions, what made this particular video fun to watch was the manner in which the Chef prepared the dish. He was just absolutely MESSY! I do not know if this was something the Chef intended to do, I still think he's really a chef, despite the presentation. But while the video was running, the hubby, who is a much better cook than 10 people I know, was doing his own commentary...which made viewing it all the more funnier.

Chef instructions: 3 tbsp of olive oil...
Hubby: 3 tbsp? Eh, ang dami naman niyan....sinabawang olive oil yata yan?!
*Chef adds herbs and spices and puts it on the sauce*
Hubby: Nagmukha na yatang guisadong pechay yung pomodoro?

The next recipe we searched for was the salsa...something similar to Pollo Loco's. We didn't find what we wanted but stumbled upon this guy who demonstrated how to prepare Mexican Salsa. Good enough... but his video had something better. His ingredients called for limons and abrocadoes. Oooh boy, our face muscles were far too stretched from laughing about it!

But in all fairness, the cook is very, very good. In fact, his page is now bookmarked and I'm doing a couple of his recipes today.

I could have stayed up all night watching more cooking shows on Youtube. Can't believe there's really so much more to discover in here. So sometime today, I'm doing another round of video searches.

Oh, don't forget to read the comments when you watch the videos in their respective Youtube pages. :)