12 November 2007

Brothers and Sisters S2 E7: 36 Hours

The intervention scene is straight out of a Party of Five episode. But no matter, it was a three tissue moment:

Calista (Kitty) steps out of her Ally McBeal persona. This season, her delivery keeps improving. I've so much admiration for her as an actress now. Dave Anabelle (Justin) is also great here. The moment was raw, painful but beautiful... I give myself a pat on the back for thinking exactly how the characters are going to react.

Also in this episode, Robert McAllister's dark side is slowly making its appearance. "I'm the most ambitious man you will ever meet," he said. And I got chills.

Loved the final scene in the end, with Momma Nora telling her youngest, Justin, that it's time she walks behind him and not be too available for him. Justin really has to grow up.