29 November 2007

New TV Characters You Should Meet

Natalie Zea as Karen Darling in Dirty Sexy Money
  • divorced four times
  • last wedding lasted 45 minutes
  • gorgeous
  • sexy
  • emotionally unstable
  • manipulative
  • Daddy's girl
  • has the hots for Nick (very much married)
When you meet her, you will love her clothes, shoes and accessories; you will love her for being so flirty; you will hate that she has tons of money. Karen is no bitch, but she's the different kind of bad girl. And she can buy love, or someone's dignity with moolah.

Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski in Chuck
  • geeky
  • dorky
  • good brother
  • sensitive friend

When you meet him, you will either find his dorkiness adorable or deplorable...but I'm betting it's the former; you will find his looks cute but will probably say he needs a make-over; you will need his help when your laptop, iPod, cellphone or [insert tech gadget here] dies on you. Chuck is not your average heartthrob, but he's still prince charming material.

The entire cast of Pushing Daisies which includes the dog...especially the dog!

I've been praising this show in heaps. And with good reason --- it's the best show on TV today. Adorable is the word that sums it up. It's hard to choose which character you will like best because every bit of them is wonderful....even the grouchy Emerson, who balances his cantankerous nature with his love for knitting and pop-up books. Where in TV will you find somebody like that?

The cast in action:

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