14 November 2007

Flip-flopping at Ayala, soon...

It's day 2 of my not-watching-TV, can you believe it? It wasn't a conscious choice. I just had lots to do that didn't involve TV, for once. And subconsciously, I think I have gone on a strike as well. (Still feeling so bad about that!)

So, then....I interrupt the program for some pimping.... :)

This is what is partly keeping me busy ---- Our friends and long-time business partners are venturing into the flip-flop biz, bringing the first-ever (?) scented slippers in the country. I've had the pleasure of trying samples on for months and the fragrance would last weeks! The fragrance come from France; the materials of the slippers/flipflops come from somewhere in Europe too ---- I forgot, I wasn't listening since I was checking out their merchandise the last time I was at there place.

They would have opened their store at the Ayala Mall next month, but the Glorietta bombing set them back. Theirs was inconveniently located at G2. So, while waiting for the go from the Ayala people on whether or not they can get back to business, they will be selling Mallos (that's what their brand is) at bazaars.

The scented slippers (Mallos, pronounced as mallows) cost P650 and comes in a pouch and a recyclable green bag.

Watch this space, opening soon.

The hubby and I are pitching in by helping them build their brand on the web and throwing in all sorts of ideas...some crazy, some plain stupid but hopefully there's a goldmine there somewhere.

And I'm putting myself to good use now by writing this down on my blog. Hehe.

Okay, now that that's done....let me get back to my dear old TV shows, already. Ooooh, I've got House in the line-up! Now, I can't set that aside!

Catch ya later.