13 November 2007

And now we turn to the news...

Luz Ilagan, my Journalism teacher from college, and now Gabriela Representative (didn't know that, just learned now....so much for teaching the likes of me the subject Journalism, Ma'am!), was one of those hurt in the bombing at Congress earlier.

Ma'am I, as every student fondly called her during my time, is a favorite among Communication Arts students at the Ateneo.

I just emailed my college e-group about it.... a lot of them are living abroad now, and I know a lot of them keep fond memories of her. She wasn't just a teacher, she was an advisor who taught us with humor and wisdom. Back then, she was already a prominent Gabriella leader.

I fervently pray for her recovery.

Update: As of 11 PM, she's out of the woods. Thank God.

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