16 November 2007

Grey's Anatomy S4 E8: Forever Young

This week on Grey's Anatomy:
  • Callie's real name?

  • The Nazi, now the new chief resident, tells her staff to take their job seriously and grow up. Two minutes later she's gushing at her former high school crush, who is injured in a bus accident.
  • Christina tries very hard not to please Dr. Hahn to avoid being labeled.
  • McSteamy and Alex's patient is a pompom girl with hot ass.
  • Izzie and George aren't talking nor having sex. Hoooway!
  • Derek meets a new girl (Nurse Rose).
  • Meredith sees and attends to her father in the ER and he tells her how much he's proud of her. She tells her sister she should look after him well.
  • Lexie tells Meredith off:
"He's a liar. Really, I'm glad you found him charming. I'm sure he was delightful. He's a blast after five drinks. Not so much after nine though, he gets a little weepy and mean. He's a drunk Meredith. He probably came in and told you how wonderful you are. How sad he is that he doesn't get to spend more time with you. Yesterday he said that I was his favorite daughter, the day before I was an ungrateful bitch..the week before, he wrote me a check for $20,000 because he said I deserved everything life has to offer, because he was so proud of me....a lifetime's worth of proud. So, [sarcasm] thank you for letting me know I need to keep a better eye on him. Thanks.[/sarcasm]"

Eeeek moment:

[reverse psychology] If you're not a brave soul, you shouldn't click on this picture to the left. It's not a pretty picture.[/reverse psychology] By the way, what's up with all the graphic visuals on ABC? Yesterday, the death scene from Pushing Daisies (also on ABC) was way too messy.

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