24 November 2007

Ugly Betty S2 E9 - Giving Up The Ghost

I don't know what this show has been feeding on, but I swear, the story development is just getting better and better. The only thing I'm worried about is that come awards seasons, I'm sure this show will be up against Pushing Daisies in the Best Comedy category, and I'm afraid PD might have little fighting chance against UB!

This week's episode of Ugly Betty brought the Mode team in a state of panic. Wilhelmina Slater, who has just been fired from her job by the board composed of Ms. Meade, Daniel and Alexis, erases every record the company carries with a computer virus (Marc: This is so Mission Impossible 3!), that they had to start from scratch. And with half the team moving to Willie's camp, who is also coming up with her own magazine, Daniel is left with very little choices in order to fill up 83 pages of magazine content.

He assigns Betty to do a 500-word review on a recent children's book she has read while babysitting (Betty: I don't think there are even 500 words on that book!) Henry, the accountant, has become the new Food Editor, and is tasked to write about Chinese cooking. Amanda is assigned to do the What's Hot? section, a section people actually read and she is naturally very thrilled about it. Amanda believes she has some of her mother's creative instincts, her mother being the former editor, Faye Sommers (now deceased). But as it turns out, she isn't a Faye and is told the awful truth:

That is perhaps the high point of this episode for me. Don't you just love Becki Newton (Amanda)?

What else is there to love about this episode?
- Wilhelmina's evil self
- The Suarez preparing their Christmas tree
- Betty's subconscious channeling of Bradford Meade

Bradford Mead:
I am not a ghost, Betty. I am your subconscious manifestation of your guilt.
Betty: My guilt wears island casual?

I also love Daniel's idea for the magazine's cover. It was the perfect way to cap everything that has been happening to the company of late:

To new beginnings!