23 November 2007

Grey's Anatomy S4 E9: Crash Into Me Part 1

  • The opening scene with the girls dancing? That has happened a lot on Ally McBeal. And by then Ally McBeal's quality was already going down.
  • Bailey doesn't want to be called Nazi --- ever. I hear you. So, I've began calling you Bailey now.
  • Why are suddenly nurses and orderly in this show? Isn't this about the surgeons?
  • Nurse Rose and McDreamy? NO CHEMISTRY!
  • George and Izzie are still together? They are lovers not having sex nor best friends without the physical intimacy. Last few episodes, it was so awkward for them. But where's the awkwardness this week? I can't make heads or tails what their relationship is.
  • Once again, it was too graphic, that hanging ending. Way cool, though...blood spurting out of Seth Green's neck and splashing onto Lexie. Heh.
Nicely written recap here.