12 November 2007

Catching up on Friday Night Lights

All is right in the world again. Well, at least on Friday Night Lights, whose two perfectly written and perfectly acted episodes,I caught up with earlier. (Season 2 Episodes 5 & 6).

Coach Taylor teaches the boys lessons they really needed to re-learn. Saracen and Smash are benched and they are made to realize the importance of working together. Riggins is cut from the team and he has to prove his commitment and dedication. The boys have to accept their mistakes to earn their place back.

Tami is back at work as the school's guidance counselor. Her free-spirited sister comes to visit and sister's presence makes Tami see the realities of her own life, accepting this new cycle of raising a new baby, keeping a family and holding her job, all over again.

Jason is having a personal crisis and realizes that the only way he can move on is to cut himself from the past. He has to accept that that's not his life now, and he has to make a new one.

Saracen finally lets go of Julie, the girl who broke his heart. Julie makes amends, too little too late. It is painful, but she has to learn to accept it.

I thought this show lost it. Not quite so. It's still one of the best on TV.