04 November 2007


I interrupt the program for this analysis on Beyonce's Irreplaceable (who is incidentally in the country for a concert, right? Or has she left?)

Driving in traffic yesterday, this song and its many versions came on the radio. (Why do radio stations do that, play one version after the other!?) Hearing it played more than once made me sit up and listen with curiousity (oh, I guess that's why radio stations do that).

Me: Ano be message ng song na to? Pakinggan nga natin ang lyrics ng maigi. (What's the message of this song? Let's listen to the lyrics carefully!)

Hubby (not a fan of Beyonce): Malay ko (I couldn't care less). Kanta yata yan para sa mga katulong na nasibak (I think it's a song for fired househelp)....pack your bags daw, eh.


Here's one of his favorite infamous Youtube singers doing her own cover of the song. Esmee Denters:

The lyrics is here.

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