03 November 2007

TV Writers To Go On Strike November 5


Come November 5, TV writers will stop penning scripts and will go on strike, demanding for pay increase, including receiving revenues from DVD sales, among other things.

I first mentioned this news here, and was hoping it will never happen. For what could it mean? Our favorite shows might have their seasons close very early! That means shorter episodes for Pushing Daisies, House, Friday Night Lights, etc. And if the strike last longer (it could last for months!) those premiering next year, like 24 and Lost, whose production are still starting, might be halted. In place of their time slots are those ridiculous reality TV shows (which I still watch, despite the absurdity!). Someone wrote in a forum I frequent that with the way things are, a reality TV show based on this might not be farfetch. So, will you be watching Fox's: Who Wants To Be The Next TV Writer? :D

However, the strike could also mean time for catching up on shows I have yet to finish. On my list include the remaining episodes of Supernatural, Brotherhood, Felicity and Battlestar Galactica. Or I could turn to British or Canadian programming....or local programming. Waah.

TV Writers are this industry's heroes. It isn't the actors who come up with genius ideas, it's them. So, if anything, I sympathize with their plight. But I am hoping it will soon be over and they reach settlement with the studios on time.

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This strike isn't just about those working on television, but the whole industry, which means movies will also be affected.