28 November 2007

Chuck Finds An Audience

I made the right decision about keeping Chuck on my list and telling myself it will get better in time. So now, I've been enjoying the last few episodes so much, I finally see why it has pulled in quite a few loyal viewers.

Chuck is a geek who works as a the Tech Guy in what looks like a Best Buy store called Buy More. He receives an email from his college buddy Bryce, who's a CIA agent. The email message is extra-ordinary. It contains a lot of government secrets and now, every bit of it is embedded into Chuck's memory. So now, spies are looking him and the CIA and NSA provide Chuck with their own agents to protect him.

More of Chuck here and here.

This week's episode, the 10th, has been its best so far. What makes Chuck work at the moment is in the ability of their creative team to make clich├ęs work. Sure, it's easy to predict Sarah will choose to remain with Chuck. But it is what we all want to happen. Sure, it's a cheap shot....bringing a dead person back to life. But then look at him, he is gorgeous! --->

Below are some clips from this week's fantastic episode. These are the reasons why Chuck is worth the full season pick up it just earned from NBC: