09 November 2007

Grey's Anatomy S4 E7: Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction

On Grey's Anatomy this week...

Meredith had a "not-supposed-to-be-wearing-anything -underneath-the-covers-coz-I-just-did-it-with-my-dreamy-
boyfriend-but-my-breast's-cover-shows-on -television" malfunction.

If I noticed that, it's because I am so bored by this couple already. Anyway, the others had issues of their own, too.
  • Callie is doing back to back to back to back to back operations. It was like a three-day setting, if it happened in real time. And all this time, Callie was in OR!
  • Dr. Hahn takes Meredith to scrub in with her. Christina is dejected. This was supposedly her week but Dr. Hahn changed the schedules. We know by now who Dr. Hahn doesn't like. And we learn tonight, who she isn't attracted to...
  • And that would be Dr. McSteamy, who apparently is attracted to Dr. Hahn. But she tells him it's only because she kicks ass in the OR. (She tells it better, I can just sum it up as "kick-ass"...am tired, my brain's vocab is needing recharge)
  • George and Izzie...Pweh. Puke. Eek.....They try to have sex. They realize they don't have sexual chemistry. I've long been convinced they don't. Ever since the "outing" I don't see George as the Cassanova, sorry.
  • The chief is ruining McDreamy's social life. McDreamy doesn't take the Chief's dry cleaning instructions well.
  • And yey for Bailey, who has been made the new Chief of Residents! She gets emotional about it.
  • Lexie makes up a list of five things her sister could love about her.
  • Thatcher is briefly in one scene. He's drunk and he puts on weight. Lexie begs Alex not to tell Mer on the state of their father.