03 November 2007

Ugly Betty S2 E6: Something Wicked This Way Comes

  • Gio is back and stands as Betty's fake boyfriend, while she is actually dating Henry, who everybody says is bad news for her.
  • Betty and Henry evaluate their relationship. They sneak away from others so they can have couple time. But Daniel finds out about it and he is disappointed because he knows Henry will have to leave her for his baby. Betty insists on her decisions.
  • Mark's boyfriend, Cliff visits the office and ashamed, Mark hides him from Amanda and everybody else. When she corners him, he is forced to introduce Cliff, but only as his "friend" and Cliff dumps Mark right there.
  • Hilda tells the family she is working at a world-class salon, when she is in fact waitressing at what looks like a Hooters joint. Justin learns of it and corners his mother. Later on, Ignacio and Justin gifts her with a beauty shop chair (?) so she can open her own salon outside the house.
  • Wilhelmina is trying to gain weight so that she fits into the wedding dress Vera Wang created for her. She also learns her only daughter isn't coming to her wedding, which lead Mark and Amanda to gossip and laugh at her expense. She hears them though. Hence, that photo above, with all the awkwardness. Ice Queen, that Willie. Love her.
  • No news on what happened to Christina and her husband, who found her on a dating site in last week's episode.
  • Posh Spice is coming to Mode in the next episode, playing Wilhelmina's Maid of Honor.