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09 October 2007

October 7 - Sunday's Ratings

For this week, and from here on out, I'll post the rankings as it is, and not by just demographics anymore.

On Sunday's line-up, I only look forward to a fresh episode from Brothers and Sisters. All the rest I catch up on cable or don't really bother watching.

The ranking for October 8, Sunday:
1. “Desperate Housewives” (ABC) 17.41m
2. “Sunday Night Football” (NBC) 16.40m
3. “Cold Case” (CBS) 12.81m

4. “Brothers & Sisters” (ABC) 12.21m

Without giving away anything from the story, check this 27-sec video of Kevin and Sarah, talking to Nora and Kitty on their phone. The way they both played out this scene is so fantastic. Makes you wanna be in the phone conversation, too.


5. “Football Overrun” (CBS) 11.78m
6. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (ABC) 11.66m
7. “Shark” (CBS) 11.20m
8. “60 Minutes” (7:30-9) (CBS) 10.80m
9. “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (Season Premiere) (ABC) 8.48m
10. “Family Guy” (FOX) 8.39m
11. “The Simpsons” (8-8:30) (FOX) 7.74m
12. “Football Night in America” (NBC) 7.26m
13. “American Dad” (FOX) 6.58m
14. “King of the Hill” (8:30-9) (FOX) 6.16m
15. “The Simpsons” (R) (7:30-8) (FOX) 5.39m
16. “King of the Hill” (R) (7-7:30) (FOX) 3.62m
17. “Life is Wild” (Series Premiere) (CW) 1.64m
18. “America’s Next Top Model” (R) (CW) 1.36m
19. “CW Now” (CW) 0.85m
20. “Online Nation” (CW) 0.76m


  1. me too, yung B&S lang inabangan ko. i also love that scene between sarah and kevin. but my most favorite scene in this episode is the one with kitty, norah and kevin on the road, kitty talking to whats-the-name-of-that-tv-host. saya haha!

  2. That scene was also funny. Galit na galit na si Nora. :) Buti na lang na-repair ni Senator yung gulo in the end...

  3. Cold Case is in the top 10!!! yipee! akala ko ako na lang ang nanonood nito! though im still in season 2, sobrang happy ako that Cold Case is also doing well, just like my other favorite, Without A Trace.. see mindy, im in the crime and punishment mode these days, hehehe... sarap kasi manood ng ganyan ngayon, specially so that walang retribution na nakikita in our country, at least sa Tv series ko maidaos ang frustration ko. hahaha... thanks for the info ha! mwah!

  4. No prob sis! Cold Case yata always does well. Mahilig talaga sila sa crime drama. :)