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16 October 2007

October 14 - Sunday's Ratings

1. “Football Overrun” / “60 Minutes” (7-8) (CBS) 26.45m
2. “Desperate Housewives” (ABC) 18.55m
3. “60 Minutes” (8-9) (CBS) 17.45m
4. “60 Minutes” / “Cold Case” (9-10) (CBS) 14.75m
5. “Brothers & Sisters” (ABC) 12.71m
6. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (ABC) 12.18m
7. “Cold Case” / “Shark” (10-11) (CBS) 12.00m
8. “Sunday Night Football” (8-11) (NBC) 9.28m
9. “The Simpsons” (8-8:30) (FOX) 8.83m
10. “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (ABC) 7.71m
11. “King of the Hill” (8:30-9) (FOX) 7.43m
12. “Family Guy” (R) (FOX) 7.09m
13. “American Dad” (FOX) 6.26m
14. “Football Night in America” (NBC) 5.04m
15. “The Simpsons” (R) (7:30-8) (FOX) 5.00m
16. “King of the Hill” (R) (7-7:30) (FOX) 3.51m
17. “America’s Next Top Model” (R) (CW) 1.68m
18. “Life is Wild” (CW) 1.04m
19. “CW Now” (CW) 0.66m
20. “Online Nation” (CW) 0.59m


  1. sis, im proud to say na natapos ko na finally ang Cold Case season 2! ill try to find my season 3 disc and start it.
    glad to see na it is doing well sa ratings game. anong season na sila sa states ngayon?

    sis, walang effect ang racial slur issue ng DH a... taas pa din viewership nila...

  2. Wala sis. In fact, DH just had their best episode daw the other night.

    Season 5 na ang Cold Case....tagal na pala to. :)

  3. should you ever get into the crime-and-punishment mode anytime soon, do watch this series. ganda sha sis. crime drama sha eh. this is one of our favorites, along with Without a Trace and The Closer. ;-)

  4. I'll do that, sis! :) Hanapin ko na rin yan.