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12 October 2007

Gone for the weekend

I'd be gone all weekend to play Monopoly. Seriously. That's what I'm doing.

My son's turning 10 on Monday and someone has gifted him in advance with the board game. Seeing that I'm just about the only playmate he has at the moment, (till the cousins arrive on the next long weekend by the end of October... where the real party is going to happen) I'm not allowed to have any choice. And well, I do love this game anyway. :)

So tah-tah, y'all.

No TV, recaps or news for the meantime.


  1. So how was your Monopoly weekend? I taught David Monopoly a few yrs back..basically to hone his math skills and at the same time, to temper that temper of his. Syempre ang ending, magaling pa rin sa Math pero talo sa temper.
    Ergo..si mommy galit at ayaw na mag-Monopoly, hahahaha!

  2. It was good, Lyn. My son has beaten me most of the time. He's SHREWD!!! Hindi ako basta-basta makapag-negotiate. That's something I learned about him...he is so much like his dad when doing business. Nagulat ako.

    Nasawa kami eventually....one game took like 3-4 hours to finish. But it was fun. :)