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02 October 2007

Second Class Citizens

Aliens in America is premiering in the USA a few hours from now. And I'll be checking it out again as some changes were done to the pilot episode since last July's preview. Aliens in America is not a sci-fi TV series. It's about non-Americans coping in America.

Speaking of...

Maying posted an entry about the apparent racial slur against Filipinos on Desperate Housewives last Sunday. For the life of me, I gave up on Desperate Housewives halfway through Season 2. But I'm gonna check this particular episode out, just to see what the fuss is.

Quoted from Maying's blog:

I watched the Premiere of Desperate Housewives last night on ABC and was very offended by the remark of Teri Hatcher’s character about Filipino doctors. She said to her OB that she hopes “he’s not a graduate of some
Philippine Med School”
But I'm saying this now even if I have not seen the episode yet --- if not for Filipino medical practitioners, a lot of hospitals all over the world will have to contend with rude health workers. The world favors our kind because we're compassionate people. We're a patient race. We understand the importance of caring for the sick, needy and the elderly. So, DO hope your medical attendant is a graduate from the Philippines. :)

Anyway, it isn't the first time it has happened on the show. It's been accused of lots of slurs and slips before.

Update: here's the video from the said scene. But first --- OMG, Nathan Fillion is on Desperate Housewives! Is he gonna make me want to watch the show now??


Update: The Final Word On This Blog :)
Desperate Housewives Producers apologize over slur

''A statement that devalues Filipinos in healthcare is extremely unfounded, considering the overwhelming presence of Filipinos and Filipino Americans in the medical field,'' the petition read in part.

The TV episode even became an international incident, with reports on it topping Philippine news shows and drawing newspaper headlines as officials there registered their displeasure. Filipinos could judge the scene for themselves when it was posted on YouTube.

ABC responded with a statement Wednesday.



  1. Hi Mindy! Thanks for the clip! I sent a link to this post because some wanted to see a clip first before giving a comment. Hope you don't mind the traffic. =)

  2. Ouch! That was mighty rude of the writer. Hmph!

  3. Nathan Fillion!!! ♥

    Anyhow, that's so sad. Why should Filipinos be singled out that way?! *sigh*

  4. woah! that was way way out of line! frankly, i'm disappointed with the writer of this specific episode!

  5. I'm proudly Pinoy and our doctors are among the best in the world. No stupid line in any show can change that.

  6. Whoa, Maying! That's a loooot of traffic! LOL!

    @ clair - that's what I was thinking too. Her character could have said "foreign country".

    The writer for this episode is Marc Cherry, the show's creator.

    "No stupid line in any show can change that."

    Right you are, watson. ;)

  7. Correction:

    "No stupid line from a retarded character in any moronic show can change that."

    Shame on the writers. Shame on Teri Hatcher for agreeing to say such a racist line.

  8. I am proud to be a Pinoy and I thinks without us,, There will be a global chaos. Wherever you go there are filipinos working.

  9. shame on the writer.

    from : Juan Dela Cruz


  11. That was sad, alright. Don't they know that Filipinos overseas are heroes and not villains?

    We are willing to get ourselves lined up against a wall and get shot, so long as we get a chance to go and live overseas.

  12. its a shame that some people will stoop down to that level, making racist remarks to others. most MNC are raking lots of profits coz of the working efficiency of OFW's worldwide

  13. That show should be renamed to:

    "Desperate for Publicity"

  14. thanks mindy.
    hey yo! teri hatcher check this out:
    Mrs. Lily Lara 1 of the 10 2006 BEST NURSE LEADERS IN AMERICA.
    what can you say MRS. Lily Lara?

  15. Ba't ganoon??? eh! Kanong kano yung doktor bakit tatanungin ni teri yung diploma ng doktor eh! mukhang sa panaginip hindi pa nakakapunta ng Pilipinas yung dalawang Unggoy na yan... hay! naku bakit ba lagi tayong nadidiin sa pang iinsulto ng mga banyaga na yan??? sobra na sila, sana insultuhin na lang nila sarili nila katulad ng pag massacre ng 2 american student sa Delaware High.

  16. Love desperate housewives I just don't react

    Obviously, the scriptwirter has been stucked in his own world.
    He just see the few bad weeds in a beautiful lawn.
    We all know that filipinos are world class professionals.

  18. Apparently, the writer was not smart enough to check even his lines. . .

    YES the character cannot be mistaken as caucasian BUT WHY ASK if he studied from the Philippines??

    IT SIMPLE: Because even CAUCASIANS study medicine here in our country the Philippines..

    take that..hehe

  19. We Filipinos are world class professionals.
    Hope the writer is "professional" enough to send his humble apology.
    Mabuhay po tayo!- OFW here in UAE

  20. Im not a fan of filipinos myself, however hearing this kind of insult from a should be "smart scriptwritter" made me really disappointed. how could one, who feels and act as if they're superior and has all the luxury of studying anywhere to gain strong knowledge and background can actually think that writting such insult would be a joke. thus, this proves that he's just another ignorant moron. bleh! anyways..i have a question to all of you though, if she have used another "country" would you be reacting the same? i bet not...few of us really care about other people or ethnics being insulted...

  21. hi there. your blog is posted here.


    i will not watch a single episode of desperate housewives. AGAIN!!!

  22. Yep, the writer should be executed. (And here I thought racists were getting outdated.) Sheesh! Teri Hatcher should also have looked her script over and done something. Don't they know they have a very powerful media at their disposal?

    Whatever this writer thinks, barbs like this make us stronger as a nation!

    Proud to be Pinoy!!!

  23. It's a fictional TV show with fictional characters. It's also called acting.
    Honestly, Filipinos are so quick to jump at trivial issues. Should we start burning DH dvds the same way we burnt TH jeans years ago for alleged racist remarks, or boycott all Teri Hatcher films the same way people called for boycotting Claire Danes? Sheesh.

  24. ...hey superman's pimp....!!! you just don,t know how filipino's are dedicated to their work....
    ...that's why You guys!! need us to take care of you!!! you don't have much chioce!!! but to hire and respect!! GooD Filipino Doctor's and nurses!!!

  25. Hey rgucci, are you stupid or something? Yes, the show and the characters are fictional, but the actors and actresses are real people! We're talking about the lines that Terri Hatcher mentioned, what if she said "from Harlem" instead of the Philippines? Would people from Harlem, react the same way we did? You bet they will! - a proud La Sallite

  26. I don't blame Teri Hatcher for saying those lines, but I do blame the writer for overlooking a statement that has now been interpreted as a racial slur.

    Although more than two-thirds of my batch have gone to the USA to practice medicine (and our training hospital has sadly lamented over this example of brain drain), I am still proud of my colleagues who work there. Most of them have chosen fields which are very prone to lawsuits such as Ob-Gyne and Surgery (although rumor has it none of the american med school graduates chose to take those specialties, focusing instead on less riskier areas). Some of them have even attained the responsibilty of being chief resident of their respective specialties! So why are we considered "inferior"?

    The mind boggles...

  27. Come on, guys! Susan's just been told that she's got menopause! Which woman wouldn't at least for a second freak out upon the realization that she's "aging"? The scene was quite funny, actually, if you take it as it is. We smart Pinoy citizens should at least be laughing at the mistake they've made about our truly topnotch capabilities that has won the world over!

  28. grabe naman na comment yun!! below the belt na yata yun!! (mostly for healthcare provider like me!!)

    oh sis copied your link to my blog ha..hope you don't mind!!

  29. I think it has something to do with the Nursing Board Exam Scam. The controversy surrounding the nursing licensure exams had strucked a blow and unfairly brought a stigma to Filipino professionalism.

  30. Let's just move forward from this stupid show and make our country more proud. I guess the idiot writer from the show didn't get her diploma from the Philippines that why she's not thinking RIGHT and forgot her manners!

  31. minday! sikat ang blog mo! hehe. the last time i read this post, 4 comments pa lang, now, grabe! hehe.

  32. Whoa! They might lose a whole nation's support for this! hehe.

    Do you know that some people has a generalization of Filipinos being nurses, caregivers? I've been asked a lot of times if I am one....But I do get goo feedbacks, as you said Filipinos are patient and naturally caring...One woman told me once that she is happy to have a Filipina caregiver, coz she always has a smile for her, and is really caring for her like she is her own relative....*sigh*

  33. it's a very irresponsible act from the writer and the producers not to have consciously noticed such a rude line to deliver...am an avid fan of the show...but not anymore...

  34. Let us not over-react on this, probably the writer of this program, along with its whole cast wants to pick on a developing country like ours. As if the whole world didn't watch YouTube's America Stupid! Teri Hatcher, can you locate your country in the world map?


    I like Prison Break and Weeds...

  35. I also working broad and I am so disappointed not only with the stupid writer but with Teri Hatcher as well. Actors and actresses should also be responsible or critical in the lines that they deliver. This is a very clear act of racism, did it never occurred to Teri's mind what the consequences of delivering such stupid line will be? We should STOP patronizing this TV sitcom

  36. i think we should'nt over react in that scene, its only a scene from a show, take it as a Joke, Clair was right Filipinos shoudlnt be singled out that way, Blame the writer and not the Actor, actors just act in what they are told and say whats only in the script. We filipinos know our capabilities, we know what we can do and we know that we are among the best in the medical field here and abroad.

  37. Kala nila kung sino sila magsalita. Eh tuwang tuwa at nagtatatalon nga sila sa WOWOWEE!

    We Filipinos are one of the most gentle race! That is the main reason why we are hired by most countries.

    -Boy bawang

  38. an illiterate writer.. a stupid actress.. makes a "desperate" tv series.. i nver like that series anyway..

  39. Oh yeah, trivial, huh. This show is being wathed worldwide. Wherever DH is shown, sure there is a Filipino worker trying to maintain the trust of colleagues and peers. And you call that TRIVIAL?!

  40. I agree, hungry for publicity. I think its because the show was forgotten when the news about the sex and the city movie came out. =D

  41. I work as a PT in New York and I get to work on a lot of whites and blacks and hispanics and asians too. They all basically say the same thing: FILIPINOS ARE THE BEST WHEN IT COMES TO CARING AND MEDICAL STUFF. Whoever wrote DH may not have found the need to seek PROFESSIONAL help. Too bad that if he ever broke his arm or his skull, a filipino will check him out. Will he freak out??

  42. The Philippine Medical Association ought to respond to this pathetic slur, demanding an apology from "Desperate Housewives" and the network. Filipinos are the fastest-growing Asian minority in the U.S. It's high time for us to be up in arms against ignorant, racist bastards. We are a force to be reckoned with and a mighty intelligent one at that! We shouldn't allow ourselves to be stepped on by people who don't have the brain capacity to appreciate our culture and our contributions to society. My blood is boiling!

  43. Im a Filipino medical student at an allopathic US medical school. I sure hope my patients wouldnt assume that Im some inferior doctor just because of my skin color

  44. Ronaldo Reyes Hearts Crisel

    The writers should be sued for making such a racist comment. Hope they get whats coming to them.

  45. In my opinion, those lines were said because some Filipinos used fake papers to work abroad. And also, as what have the line said, “…I just want to make sure they’re not from some med school in the Philippines,” it is true that only a small number of Medicine schools are competent enough to the standards of Medicine. And I just can’t understand why this is a great fuss since I have seen a lot of movies that has bad jokes about Filipinos but no one seem to care. Was it because Filipinos in the field of Medicine are affected by the joke?

    By the way, im a Filipino. Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan wag magalit.

  46. this is all i can say, Miss hatcher's line in that series should have been studied a million times by that idiot and lack of initiative sriptwriter,director and that bloody unprofessional actress if they know a word racism.

    that series should be banned to philippines television so they will
    realized who filipinos are.

    tell them especially to miss hatcher to FUCK OFF.

  47. hello people...I suppose this part of the series was just part of the "humor" for the show. It was not really meant as an insult. please don't be so sensitive. You know how americans always practise their freedom of speech right??
    In the first place, they would never have used this as a humor if only we "filipinos" do not act as "scond class citizens". Filipinos are the ones causing this kind of "brand name" because we allow other people to do some sort of illegal activities in the Philippines. (i.e. fake diplomas, leakage on licensure exams etc.)

  48. gerrardo said...

    im not in a medical field but their
    punh lines was soooo HORRIBLE!!!!!

    the writer might be desperate!

  49. Awww!!! That was really rude!!!... But may be this is the effect of the Nursing Board Exam Leakage. Americans might lost their confidence on Filipino doctors when they found out that our nurses' license is QUESTIONABLE due to the leakage...

    Nurses and doctors have related profession, so the Nursing Board Exam Leakage can be as well related to "doctor's" Board Exam...

    It's so sad that because of those people responsible for the leakage, the issue about Filpino professionalism is being degraded in other countries...

  50. Why get pissed and demand an apology when you can due their pants off? That should teach them a lesson!

    Mabuhay tayong mga Pilipino!

  51. This is an insult to our Filipino doctors and other healthworkers!

    To the producers, writers, and Teri Hatcher of this slutty show, be prepared!!! Kukuyugin kayo ng mga Pinoy...

    Studio 23 which airs Desperate Housewives here should cancel the show asap.

  52. It's a clear sign of immaturity and desperation to the producer of the show.

    For those people saying that we are over-reacting... Sensitivity is not the issue here. I guess these people posting their comments simply shows how concern they are to the issue.

    Being sensitive is different from being concern, the same way with asking is different from questioning...

  53. This remark is very blunt and rude! It's like sending a subliminal message to not hire any filipinos in this line of work!

    Desperate Housewives already have racial problems in the past, and this adds up to the reason why the show should go down.


  54. Both the producer and the actor has fault in delivering the lines in the said episode. Even if it should have been taken as a joke, they should be responsible to their views, albeit, many Filipinos watch their show.
    "Filipinos" should not be singled out. And am proud to say that a Filipino Cardiologist was the one who treated Gorbachev of Russia!

  55. It is a great insult to us. Not only to us but to other race as well. Why? I don't believe that if the Terrie would've said jap or other nationality we wouldn't be affected, of course we will still be, because of racism issues. The person who made the script was not thinking at all, he deliberately wrote it without thinking ahead of the consequences or what people might be thinking. This does not imply to the rest of the caucasian race however let us be reminded that we came from the same root in HIS image. We filipinos are globally competitive. Our standards are high, if it were below standard then why are so many investors and call center companies seeking the filipino-man power? And on top of that, why are so many caucasian men after filipinas to be their wives? I am in rage that people now adays are stupid and sin is veiled in a form of entertainment. Now your pathetic network took a day to formulate a letter of apology, how silly can they be? Maybe that is how this movie is making a living, to step on those who does not have the same shade of skin. Boo to you terrie, for being dumb and powerless to refuse in saying those lines. Again, they will tag filipinos as patriotic but as you know we are not dumb and beneath as you so believed. I have relatives there in the US and they though otherwise as second rate and below standard we filipinos are. So think again..

    I rest my case..

    Bray - holydemon84@yahoo.com

  56. As a Filipino working outside of the Philippines, I have experienced this insults personally. There will always be instances like this because admittedly there are some bad apples in our midst who due to necessity will lie to be able to work overseas.

    I believe that one approach that we can take when faced with this kind of attitude from different nationalities is to draw from our strength and to believe in our capabilities. No matter how much insult they throw at us, our capability, our intelligence, our attitude and our strentgh as people will always shine through.

    There will be added challenges because ignorance will cause people who watch this particular episode to assume the worst of Filipinos they meet. Based on experience, these people will change their attitude eventually once they have experienced how great and how professional Filipinos are.

    Be proud of being a Filipino and be secure in knowing that as a race, we have what it takes to succeed to be respected. Instead of anger and hate, meet this insult as a challenge to show the world what we as a race is capable of.

    To quote other bloggers - "No --- line in any show can change that."

  57. Just to show you how racist a society America is, it maybe subtle. But blurting out of such remarks like a Freudian slip reveal their true color, particularly writers and actresses like these.

  58. I don't think it was a racial slur as such. (Btw, two brothers and a sister of mine are highly successful doctors in America.)

    It is just Filipino Americans paying the penalty for those Review Center leakers in last year's nursing exam scandal and the government regulators they were in cahoots with.,

  59. if that writer thinks we're dumb, then i'd rather be dumb than be ill-mannered. so unprofessional. can somebody tell her to mind her ethics?

  60. that was so rude!the writer must be sent to jail..they have no basis of saying that Filipino doctors are not good..so unfair!go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. That is what we get when even our PRC, medical and nursing schools are tainted with anomalies.

    What are we thinking? We Filipinos know global information, and they do not? In fairness to the writer, she just based it on reports coming from our own news media.

    Masakit pero true.

  62. Forged professional licenses are global virus not only in the Philippines; there are worst countries doing this type of anomalies.

    I can say to the entire cast of the Desperate Housewives to seek Psychiatric professionals especially Teri Hatcher and Marc Cherry for behavioral treatment.

    I suggest to do it in the Philippines so they can attest it if really our meds schools and health professionals are that bad. Maybe our country (Philippines) is not that developed like yours, but we know for sure that we have the high level of education standard, that is why most of the professional health teams of President George Bush are Filipino’s.

    Ooops!!! That was rude too!!!

  63. I know this is late...but I'm gonna comment anyway!

    FILIPINOS are the most intelligent, hard working employees any employer would want to have.

    And FYI, I know a lof of Filipino Investors that have contributed to Science, and their invention is useful to the world.

    so LOL, And you can see that most of our nurses, doctors and dentist are being recruited by your country.
    What would happen if there's no Filipino? I bet your medical expenses will be so much higher.