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26 October 2007

Private Practice S1 E5: In Which Addison Finds A Showerhead

This week on Private Practice, I learned that:

1) Addison does not masturbate. And I'm guessing if you had a McDreamy and a McSteamy, you wouldn't need to.

2) She constantly dreams of Pete passionately kissing her.....the effects of a McDiet!

3) The girls, Violet and Naomi, encourage self-gratification....and Naomi needs to get some real soon. The other week it was cakes and now this?

4) Naomi and Sam handle their daughter like grown-ups this time around.

5) Violet handles work as a therapist as efficient and professional as possible, despite going through some emotional issues with her Ex-husband. Allen, shooo!

6) Cooper is a sweetie. I learned that before, so I'm just stressing the fact.

7) Addison shows why she's a board-certified neo....something. When advising boy nurse Dell on what to do before going down on Lady Town (i.e. papsmear), Addison exuded credibility. There's that the doctor I learned to love on Grey's Anatomy!

8) This I learned not from the show, but from googling --- Pete, or the actor who plays him, Tim Daly, is 51 years old!!!


  1. what? he's 51? looks like he's late 30's lang, grabe. but is it just me, parang walang chemistry pa sila ni pete?

  2. Gulat no? Kate Walsh naman is 39. I don't also notice the chemistry between them, but only because si Cooper/Violet ang mas napapansin ko.