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08 October 2007

Laughing till my face ached

Once in a while, the hubby and I get a kick out of watching Youtube videos. Once in a while, we find something golden, such as this Japanese video prank (of which there are many on Youtube). An hour or so after watching this last night, the hubby and I still couldn't get over it. It still had us laughing.

So, I'm sharing this with you...because I know that whoever watches this will also find themselves laughing till their face ached.

It's a Monday. It's great to start the week on a positive note, so this one should do it:

Onto other matters...caught up with new episodes (second episodes) of Life, Journeyman, Dirty Sexy Money and Big Shots. These shows don't have much of the hype around them, unlike other more popular shows, but that's not saying they are not as fun to watch. It's been a fairly good one for TV last week. The shows I've been watching pretty much delivered. More than I've expected.

And oh, Friday Night Lights is back! Call me sentimental but a few minutes into the opening of Season 2, my eyes welled up. I just instantly remembered how good this show was. More on this next time, gotta get working now.

So on to another week ahead...

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  1. hahaha...very hilarious..yeah I concur with you..whatta great way to start our day.

  2. Heheh. The muscles in my tummy had a bit of an exercise last night, from laughing too much at this video. It's so sore today, like I did 100 sit ups or something.

  3. same here... katawa ha! it was a great way to end my day before i hit the sack. ;-)