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23 October 2007

Brothers & Sisters 2.4 - State of The Union

Last night on Brothers & Sisters... (SPOILER ALERT)

- Bangs, they're back?

- Justin is an addict to pain killers. Again. He's also addicted to the TV show, The Hills. Note to self: Check that one out!

- Predictable, but ugh! Tommy and Lena...I'm so nervous they'll be having an affair. And Holly's the (angry) voice of reason for Tommy, his father's mistress. Unlikely!

- Saul denies to Kevin he is gay. Still hiding in the closet....

- Too much shouting from Calista...her throat must be hurting.

- Nora needs a new project. She's driving her kids crazy. She's driving me crazy, even if I know how she's feeling!

I love you. You're my children. When you're in trouble, I'm in trouble. I'm sorry I don't know how to say, "Oh ladida, I think I'll go play golf..." You're everything I've ever done with my life. Believe me, I lay awake at night praying you guys would get your lives together so I can get some sleep.

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