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10 October 2007

Australian Idol Top 8 - Brit Pop Night

Favorite performance of the night? Tarisai Vushe, who sang "Somebody To Love" (Queen)

The rest? Two things. It's either...
A. I could not get into their performance.
2. It was...and I hate to say this, but as Randy Jackson would (say it) --- 'It was just awyt, dawg.'.

Carl Riseley — "Can't Buy Me Love" (The Beatles)
Ben McKenzie — "Wonderwall" (Oasis)
Marty Simpson — "Naive" (The Kooks)
Jacob Butler — "Let It Be" (The Beatles) -
Daniel Mifsud — "Message In A Bottle" (The Police)
Natalie Gauci — "Rehab" (Amy Winehouse)
Matt Corby — "Bittersweet Symphony" (The Verve)

If you need the media and would like to listen to their performances, this is the place.

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